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Magnitude | Miniature

This course will suit people who would like to explore materials, play, and build up a body of small work that has at its heart an intuitive and abstracted content.  The surrounding landscape or natural forms may act as inspiration but the course will guide you towards making decisions about the qualities of the marks you make and the potential that these intuitive marks have to make abstracted landscape or natural form based work. 

The day will start by working on large sheets of paper with bold and expressive marks then moving into small work that aims to carry the same weight and vitality displayed in the larger scale work.   This course will offer a space to play and create with an open ended outcome where participants will explore freely the use of materials, building knowledge of the intrinsic qualities of certain materials and surfaces and by the end of the course have some jewel like experiments that have process and learning at their centre.  A course suitable for beginners as well as experienced artists as guided tuition and demonstrations will be part of the course.  

What to bring -

A spirt of adventure, old clothes and a sense of humour is tops for this course then:

A cutting matt A3 size will do (if you are coming with a friend bring one to share)

Sharp Kraft knife or Stanley knife

Metal ruler or ruler to cut against

A selection of acrylic paints (your own choice of colours)

Black ink



Chalk pastels (these do not need to be best quality, ditto for oil pastels)

Oil pastels

Texture paste/modelling paste

Acrylic glazing medium

Range of brushes small Medium and large, also a household 2 or 3 inch brush

A plastic palette to mix paint, you may want two palettes to give you room to mix and apply freely. 

PVA Glue/pritt stick 

Water pot

4 sheets Heavy  weight cartridge paper 250gsm or 300gsm (it has to be heavy or it won’t stand up to the working methods and will buckle and warp)

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