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Expressive Drawing and Mixed Media

Drawing helps to investigate subjects and deepens our knowledge of them. This three day mixed media course will explore exciting methods of drawing from direct observation with the potential of developing into more abstract images. 

The course will introduce you to a variety of different drawing media and subjects that will help to expand your ability and confidence to draw and use mixed media. By experimenting with scale, materials and tools of application the course will aim to reveal how drawing can be a vital tool in understanding the visual world. Using colour as an expressive means to push and pull the image into form will become a part of the course development. 

This course would suit those with no experience and also those that use drawing regularly, the aim being to share in the learning of what comes from working with observation and expression.  Illustrated talks will give inspiration and show a variety of artists who have worked with this topic also short demonstrations showing the diversity of the materials will be part of the course programme. 

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